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About Marathon Sports

Marathon Sports is one of the largest multi-brand sports chain stores in Hong Kong, dedicated to offering you a one-stop shopping experience for running, hiking, fitness and other sports essentials. With a broad portfolio of sneakers, apparel and accessories from celebrated international brands like Nike, adidas and Asics, Marathon Sports caters for the needs of all sports enthusiasts and family customers. Marathon Sports provides a pleasant shopping experience with its territory-wide network of retail shops alongside unrivalled service from knowledgeable and courteous staff.

Apart from retail stores, Marathon Sports also expands its business online featuring over 50 sports brands. It also offers exclusive promotions and items periodically. You can enjoy online shopping at home with door-to-door delivery and return guarantee covered.

Marathon Sports retail and online stores are listed retail merchants under "No Fakes Pledge" scheme since 2004 and 2021 respectively. Feel safe shopping at Marathon Sports as we guarantee only genuine product is sold.